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50,000 words in 30 days. Let’s do this.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to work

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Articles on creative writing to spark your inspiration.

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  • “What are you going to do with that?” (0/10 very unoriginal) OR,
  • “Oh, so you’ll never get a real job.” (They say as a “joke,” of course) OR,
  • “Yeah, I thought about doing that too but decided I wanted a job when I graduate.” (Good for you, pal!)

It’s okay to be a little rebellious.

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The best short stories I read for my creative writing degree.

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  • Why can’t my writing be this good?
  • How did they DO THAT?
  • Okay, that sentence just made me cry. I’ll never write anything this amazing!

Resources to help you feel more creative!

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Being creative on demand is TOUGH.

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Just be fresh and new and snappy and bold and witty and hip and entertaining! Oh, and have it done by tomorrow. PANIC MODE.

So easy!…Right?

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  1. Discover that having an online writing business is even POSSIBLE.
  2. Get really, really, really excited. Day dream about it. Have actual dreams about it. Think about it pretty much all the time. Journal about it. Annoy all your friends by talking about it constantly.
  3. Read about having an online writing business: all the articles, books, and ebooks you can get your hands on.
  4. Go for an invigorating run where you question all your life choices and wonder what the heck you’re supposed to do with this one life you’ve been given and freak the ever-loving vodka out — then finally…

Frankly, I’m not totally sure. A lot of it was luck.

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I’m serious — totally mortify yourself.

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Grace Claman

Copywriter + Content Strategist. On a freelance writing journey. Find me here: or IG: grace.claman

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