How Creativity is Kind of Like a Pickle

Resources to help you feel more creative!

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On good days, I feel like my creativity is a blooming flower. And on bad days? It’s like mushy blueberries that have been out on the counter for too long and taste like dust. BUT IN REALITY, creativity is a lot like a pickle. Yeah, the long green dudes. Because creativity needs to ferment. It has to steep in ideas and thoughts in order to become that crispy, crunchy treat we all know and love.

So if you’re feeling that particular brand of panic that only comes from not knowing how to be ~creative~ enough, and every time you try to write or make art it just lies there, flatter than a tortilla after its been beaten with a rolling pin, then you are in luck! I’ve got some great reads/listens/watches coming in hot today all about harnessing the creativity within.

Because at the end of the day, I know you are original and artistic and brilliant. And you can be ~creative~, you just need to ferment that pickle. ;)

Tip of the Week

If something feels stale, maybe it’s because you’re trying too hard to do it the “right” way. Try doing it *your* way instead.

On Creativity…

“Just be fresh and new and snappy and bold and witty and hip and entertaining! Oh, and have it done by tomorrow. PANIC MODE.”

^^ That’s pretty much exactly what it feels like sometimes being a copywriter. Creativity and deadlines just don’t always mix so well together. Figuring out how to induce creativity has been a bit of a struggle for me lately (no shame). So I’ve brought together a few tips on “How I Keep Myself Feeling Creative For My Job” in order to remind myself how to induce that feeling of innovation.

Brené Brown is a GODDESS, and I can’t get enough of her podcast “Unlocking Us.” Last night, I listened to her interview with Scott Sonenshein on Stretching and Chasing and it was absolutely the advice I needed to hear right then (funny how that happens).

Scott’s research shows that working under constraints, such as time, money, etc., actually helps us become more creative! No wonder I do my best writing at 4 am…We can use the power of “stretching” to become more creative in our businesses and lives. Sign me up!

By now, you’re probably all aware that I’m basically “The Middle Finger Project” HYPE woman. Seriously, I swear I’m not sponsored.

Ash Ambirge is a wealth of inspiration when it comes to creativity. Read her “3 (Top Secret Ultra James Bond) Ways to Add More Personality To Your Writing” to get HYPED about writing with more spunk. We really love spunk around here.

“You don’t have to be first. You just have to be different and better. “

I love this quote from the Ted Talk “The surprising habits of original thinkers” by Adam Grant. And I love even more that he totally validates my procrastination tendencies. Turns out, lots of “original thinkers” are procrastinators!

Taking their time before getting started helps these innovative minds ferment their thoughts and come up with some amazing ideas. (Yes, we’re still on the fermenting thing…)

Now get out there and start fermenting your own amazing ideas! I’m sure the wine will help. :)

Ciao for now,


Copywriter + Content Strategist. On a freelance writing journey. Find me here: or IG: grace.claman

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